Where to Invest US is working to make a difference – please join us!

Jay visited Turkana, Kenya two years ago as part of a team that brought food out to people in rural areas that were suffering from a food shortage.  The articles below describe that the situation has become much worse and is now a full-fledged famine.  Jay and Bill and their families have joined an effort to raise funds for food in these drought-stricken areas. Unfortunately, many U.N and U.S relief funds and food are being diverted to the black market.  We are partnering with a non-profit that has personnel and contacts in Kenya and Turkana that will personally get the food to the people that need it.  They also have their administration costs covered by other donors, so that 100% of our donated funds ( after gofundme admin fees ) will be used exclusively for food and transportation. For those that want to make a difference and want to make sure their money makes a difference, this is in our opinion was the right thing to do at a time when it was needed the most.  If you would like to participate in small or large measure, here is the link to to gofundme page and to the articles about what is going on in East Africa.
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