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Our Mission Statement:

To help our clients purchase investment real estate by facilitating the process from beginning to end.

Where to Invest U.S. was founded on the principle that many people were convinced of the merits of owning investment real estate, but taking the first step of actually doing it was so intimidating and time consuming that it kept people from investing. For those that had the time and initiative to start the process, the obstacle of knowing the best type of real estate to purchase, where to purchase and when to purchase were large obstacles to overcome. With the objective of helping people accomplish their goal of investing in real estate, Where to Invest U.S. was born. With experience in land development, multi-family limited partnerships, single-family investments, new construction, lending, and property management, the Where to Invest U.S. team set out to help others to do what the principals have done personally. A network of professionals was created that would represent the investor in finding the right property, finding the right loan, and finding the right tenant. The hands-on support structure helps with many of the hassles and headaches of purchasing investment real estate, from those that had never done it before to seasoned investors with millions in assets. Because the Where to Invest U.S. team looks for properties throughout the 50 states, new markets create new opportunities at different times. This also enables investors to diversify their real estate purchases geographically. While some markets may be subject to price corrections because of the length of their growth cycle, other markets are just starting to grow. While some markets offer foreclosures, other markets with higher growth work well with purchasing new construction. Diversifying by asset type is also possible. Many Where to Invest US investors are now rolling some of their large residential gains into commercial and multi-family assets that generate large cash flows. Where to Invest U.S. also incorporates associated professionals to help with 1031 tax-free exchanges, creating LLC´s and other corporate entities, tax preparation, legal plans, self-directed IRA´s, trust creation, and credit repair. We have also negotiated favorable rates with our property managers and 1031 exchange accommodators for the benefit of the investor.

Jay McBee and Bill Sutherland, are the principals of Where to Invest US.com which has helped investors over the last 14 years purchase over 1200 investment properties with a network of acquisition teams, construction crews, residential and commercial agents, property managers, and lenders in key growth and income markets throughout the United States. Where to Invest US.com’s hands-on support system has helped families purchase their first investment property along with clients who have bought over 30 properties. It is their desire is help anyone achieve their financial goals and establish wealth through investing in real estate.

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“The Where to Invest approach is just what we were looking for and exactly what we needed to make our first Real Estate Rental purchase.  My wife and I looked off and on for 3 years in California with multiple Realtors for Rental Properties…”

CT Latham, Chino Hills, CA

“Where To Invest US, helped me purchase a rental property at a great price and most importantly, with cash flow. Jay and his team made the process really easy and quick. I was very impressed with their communication and concern that I was completely happy with my purchase…”

Julian D.  Glendale, CA

“I would like to give my recommendation to Where To Invest US. I wanted to start investing in real estate but always felt the transactions and process were too complicated. When I got introduced to Where to Invest US, all that changed…

Lindy L.

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